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  • Easytrip

  • 1. Who is Easytrip?

    Easytrip Services Corporation, a Metro Pacific Tollway company is the exclusive electronic toll collection system integrator and provider in North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX) and C5 Link Flyover. Easytrip offers Easytrip RFID for Class 1, 2, and 3 vehicles that make their travels and toll transactions convenient and hassle-free.

  • Products

  • 2. What are the products offered?

    Easytrip offers the Easytrip DSRC tag and RFID sticker that are applicable to Class 1, 2, and 3 vehicles plying NLEX-SCTEX and CAVITEX.

  • How it works

  • 3. How does it work?

    With the Easytrip DSRC tag and RFID sticker, motorists can have cash less and queue-less transaction as they pass through Easytrip dedicated lanes or mixed lanes at all NLEX toll plazas. Each Easytrip lane has a unique sensor that reads the tag, automatically lifting the toll barrier, making the NLEX experience hassle-free for the motorist.

    The tag should be fixed to the windshield in order to communicate with the toll system as soon as you drive into a toll lane. The tag beeps, signaling a successful transaction and continue your trip.

  • 4. Help me understand how the Toll Fare Indicator (TFI) works.

    Different lights inform the motorists regarding their account balance:

    Mixed Lane

    Green Light

    Transaction authorized and account balance higher than the minimum balance therefore the toll barrier
    will open.

    Red Light

    Transaction is denied and the toll barrier will
    NOT open, meaning the tag has insufficient fund for the transaction (you need to reload ASAP) or
    the tag was reported lost/stolen (the tag should
    be surrendered to Easytrip ASAP).

    Easytrip Dedicated Lanes

    Red Light

    Barrier will not lift. Your account has no balance or the
    tag might be defective. Please reload immediately or report to Easytrip immediately.

    Orange Light

    Transaction will be allowed but reload your account immediately.
    Account balance is below the threshold.

    Green Light

    Transaction authorized and account balance higher than the threshold therefore the toll barrier will

  • 5. What are the advantages of using the tag?

    The main differences are:

    ➣You can use the fast electronic lanes: no need for cash, payment fully automatic, no more waiting, save your time.

    ➣ No more long queues at the toll lanes during rush hours. You will not waste time in looking for cash, wait for the transit ticket and cashier to return your change. By using Easytrip tag, everything is fully automatic and easy.

    ➣ Easytrip tag users can monitor all of their transactions through Easytrip Web site ( and android app.

  • Subscription

  • 6. Where can I subscribe my Easytrip account?

      Easytrip POS and CSC

      EASYTRIP POS stations in NLEX

    1. Shell Balintawak (Northbound)

    2. Petron Marilao (PM)Northbound

    3. Shell Balagtas (SB) Northbound

    4. Petron Balagtas (PB) Southbound

    5. Shell Mexico Southbound

    6. NLEX Drive & Dine


    8. Clark South (Subic Bound)

    9. Lane Selling in Angeles Toll Plaza (Entry)

    10. Lane Selling in Balagtas Toll Plaza (Entry)

    11. NLEX Customer Service Centers

    12. Balintawak CSC

    13. San Fernando CSC

      1. Easytrip POS stations in CAVITEX

      2. Longos Bacoor NB, Manila Bound Longos Entry

      3. CIC NB Ambulant, Manila Bound CIC Customer Service

      4. CIC SB Ambulant, Cavite Bound CIC Customer Service

      5. Kawit Northbound, Manila Bound Kawit Toll Plaza

      6. CAVITEX Customer Service Centers

      7. CAVITEX CSC Northbound

      8. CAVITEX CSC Southbound

      9. Easytrip POS stations in C5 SOUTHLINK

      10. Shell Logcom Eastbound to Pasig

      11. Shell C5 Heritage Westbound to Merville

      12. Caltex Merville Eastbound to Taguig

      13. Caltex C5 Extension Eastbound to Taguig

      14. C5 Extension Road Junction Taguig City

      15. C5 Link Customer Service Center

      16. C5 Link Customer Service West Service Road

      17. CALAX

      18. Shell Station Nuvali, Across S&R Nuvali, Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road

      19. Others

      20. Easytrip Head Office

        Unit 701 City State Centre, Brgy. Kapitolyo

        Shaw Boulevard, Pasig City

        Tel: (02) 8555.7588

  • 7. How much is the Subscription cost and initial load

    Easytrip RFID is FREE. You only have to pay the initial load of Php500.00 for NLEX-SCTEX and Php200.00 for CAVITEX and C5 Link

  • 8. My company wants to subscribe to Easytrip, how can I proceed?

    For prepaid subscriptions, please call (02) 8555.7588. For corporate account subscriptions, please call (02) 8555 7588 loc 113 and 133, 0998 965 7370 or 0920 981 5907.

  • 10. Is there a warranty?

    For DSRC tags - Warranty period is two years from the date of subscription.

    For RFID sticker tags - Warranty period is one from the date of subscription.

  • Reload

  • 11. Where can I reload?

    You can reload your Easytrip Account through the following:


    Payment Option

    Load Availability

    NLEX Toll Plaza (Mixed lanes ,Lane Top-up)

    After one (1) hour

    Easytrip Mobile POS.
    For the list of Easytrip Reloading stations along NLEX-SCTEX, CAVITEX, CALAX and C5 Link. PLEASE CLICK HERE

    After one (1) hour

    NLEX Customer Service Centers

    After one (1) hour

    Cavitex Customer Service Centers
    (along coastal road) Before Paranaque Toll Plaza (Southbound and Northbound)

    After one (1) hour

    Easytrip Head Office : Unit 701 City State Centre Brgy. Kapitolyo Shaw Blvd., Pasig City

    After one (1) hour

    Petron Gasoline Stations

    After one (1) hour

    Shell Gasoline Stations

    After one (1) hour

    SM Business Centers

    After one (1) hour

    Touchpay/ MEPS

    After one (1) hour

    Smart Money

    After one (1) hour


    After 24 hours

    LBC (excluding branches inside SM Malls)

    After 24 hours

    Credit Card Payments (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and JCB)

    1 hour after receipt of transaction approval

    Over-the-counter/ Direct Deposit
    Account Name: Easytrip Services Corp.
    Account Numbers:
    - Metrobank 066-3-71810785-8
    - BDO 0661124223
    - UCPB 00196-1132210

    After 24 hours

    Robinsons Business Centers

    Bayad Center (excluding branches inside SM Malls)
    For the list of Bayad Center outlets,
    please click here

    After 24 hours


    For direct deposits, please fax the validated deposit slip at (02) 8635-7752 or 8555-7575 (option 3) then call 8555-7575 (option 4) for fax confirmation. Or email at [email protected] Indicate your Easytrip account name and account number. Service fee apply for some reloading options.

  • Balance

  • 12. How can I check my current balance or view my statement of account?

    1. Register your account online and view your statement of account.

                          1.1 How do I register online?

                          1.2 How can I view my statement of account online?

    2. Download the Easytrip Android App from our website.

                          1.1 Login to your CAMS account.

                          1.2 At your homepage, Click Download Balance Check App Link.

    3. Call our Easytrip hotline (02) 8555.7575 press 2 (from 8:30am to 6:30pm from Mondays to Fridays and Saturdays and Holidays from 8:30am to 4:30pm)

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