Easytrip Rewards

Easytrip Rewards

Earn points whenever you reload your Easytrip RFID and use it to avail various of services​.

Enroll your Easytrip to MVP Rewards to earn points, get rebates, enjoy exclusive deals, and win exciting prizes. Sign up at www.mvprewards.ph

Easytrip Rewards FAQs

1. P500 reload can be converted into 1 MVP Rewards point which will be equivalent to P2 Easytrip reload.
2. Can I get 2 points if I reload for P700 pesos? Or 2 points if I reload for P1300? Or 4 points id I reload for P1900?

  • No, Each point is accumulated from an increment of 500.
  • 2 points for P1000 reload, 3 points for P1500 reload and 4 points for P2000 reload will be allowed.

3. What are the denomination options for redemption?

1. P20 Reload Reward - from 10 points - accumulated from P5,000 Reload
2. P50 Reload Reward - from 25 points - accumulated from P12,500 Reload
3. P100 Reload Reward - from 50 points - accumulated from P25,000 Reload
4. P200 Reload Reward - from 100 points - accumulated from P50,000 Reload

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